3 Tips that Will Help You Find the Right ERP Consultant


At one time or the other, you may need to implement a new ERP system for your organization. You may want a new system to handle challenges that your company may be facing due to growth, new processes and so on.

If you have found a suitable ERP Consulting solution, the next step is to implement it. Typically, implementing ERP solutions take time depending on the scale of the implementation. You will need to hire an ERP consulting firm to help you with the implementation,

There are dozens of ERP consultants you cha hire. However, not all of them will be suitable for you. Before you hire a consultant, carry out due diligence. You should know why you are choosing a specific consultant.

The right consultant can help you with all matters related to EPR; from selection to implementation. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking for an ERP consultant.

1. Background of the firm

To begin, carry out a background check of the ERP Consulting firm you want to hire. Go through their website to know more about them. For example, how many years has the company been in operations? Also, go through the profiles of the company’s employees to find out about the professional background.

Ideally, you want a company that is solely involved in ERP consulting. If a company is also selling software services, this should be a red flag.

2. Experience of the firm

The other thing to find out is how much experience the company has. Here, you do not want to check only how many years a company has been in business, but also the number of projects it has undertaken in the past. It is even better if a company has implemented ERP solutions that are similar to the one you have.

Find out which industries the consulting firm serves. Also, go through their projects to see whether they were completed on time and the results achieved.

3. References

Any consulting firm will claim to be right for you. However, after signing up a company, you may be surprised that it does not meet your expectations. This can leave you in a long term contract with them while you are not comfortable them handling your ERP implementation. To avoid this, ask for references from the company.

Get in touch with some clients that the consulting firm has worked with in the past. Find out what the clients think of the company.


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